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panel11In todays world managers every time and again face complex decisions full of of uncertainties, critical stakeholders, requiring different expertise, while the expectation of success based on strong commitment of people still stands. It is wise to define stretched targets, where there is no guarantee that your organisation will meet them. If you don't, you run the risk that you have reached your targets, while your competitor managed to exceed them.

panel21Once the strategic direction is set, a lot of complex coordination and sharing of resources is needed during implementation. In general, planning and programming are very much top-down driven steering mechanisms most effective under low uncertainty conditions. Well-implemented process management and a 'Can-Do' culture is key for getting where you want.

panel31Innovation management is the way to lead an network of internal or external actors to create and deliver new added value to customers, to it's eco-system and to society and by creating WIN-WIN to the network itself.

Impact of top-down restructuring on an innovation network

It is about setting stretching strategic targets, inspiring people with meaningful objectives, dealing with organisational learning and developing core competences and at the same time drive time and cost efficiency by shortening learning loops, improving processes and standardising interfaces.

Customer Experiences

Customers About Working with Ruud Gal Innovation Management

President LightingEurope

Development European Association Strategy with the members, Brussels(2012) and Madrid (2014)

Development Long Term Lighting Industry Roadmap, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Dusseldorf, Munich, Brussels (2015)


President Global Lighting Association

Development Global Association Strategy, New Delhi

“The Vision to Action strategy development process, as practised by Ruud, looks very simple and actually it is a straight forward common sense process. This most probably makes it that powerful. I did the strategy process now for several organizations (ELC, LightingEurope, The Global Lighting Association) and it always has resulted in tangible action plans, supported by relevant parts of the organization. And the process is fun as well and works as binding factor.

Ruud Gal is a consultant who carefully matches the needs of an organization with his wide experience in innovation processes and his enormous tool box for designing workshops. He gives just enough push to get you out of your normal thinking modes, and to try other routes. This leads very often to interesting and helpful outcomes."

President Global Factories Group

Development Strategy Transition from Start-Up to Grow-Up, Den Haag

"Werken met Ruud was zeer prettig en intens. Mede door Ruud's werkwijze konden we met de Management groep komen tot exacte probleemstellingen en oplossingen. We hebben er nu dagelijks profijt van"

Founder and Director of Ecovat® Renewable Energy Technologies

Strategy Support in Start-Up Phase, Uden

“In a pleasant and relaxed way, Ruud approaches your business challenges focused on the core of your proposition. With his extensive and specialized knowledge / experience he oversees the impact of potential short term steps and in that way, he gives advise so you can decide and continue, overseeing the more strategic and longer term consequences.”

Ondersteuning Strategische Besluitvorming

“Door zijn ervaring met verschillende groepen professionals kan Ruud ook snel een totaal andere bedrijfstak, als de advocatuur, doorgronden.Hij heeft voor ons een strategisch besluitvormingsproces opgezet en begeleid. Hij heeft daarbij laten zien een goede radar te hebben voor de gevoeligheden binnen de organisatie."

Secretary General at AECM, European Association of Guarantee Institutions

“Increasing the added value of AECM membership”, Porto

“Our experience with Ruud Gal was a very positive one: he built a tailor-made workshop for our organization, rapidly understanding our needs and focusing on them both in terms of outcome, operating methods and timeframe. We would definitively recommend his work to other organizations.”

Senior Consumer Marketing Manager at Philips Lighting

Develop Game Philips - Disney License Agreement, Eindhoven

“Ruud is an expert in building wargames to test strategies. Together with Ruud, we build a war game to test what competitors would do if we would launch our Philips Disney kids lighting products. After the wargame I was able to understand the potential moves on market introduction strategy from competitiors and customers. Building the game, Ruud was able to guide my thoughts through the process and make me see possibilities and structures I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. The game has been played by four groups of 24 people. The response from the participants (as well Sr Directors as professionals) was that it is an excellent game, they learned a lot. Without Ruud we wouldn’t have been able to build the game and get the depth of insight we got from developing and playing it.”