From Vision to Action

If you don’t know where you are going,
any road will get you there

Lewis Caroll
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Innoguru offers different approaches to Strategy Formation, depending on the situation at the start, the level of uncertainty and the area of uncertainties.

If uncertainties are manageable and the focus is more on leveraging and combining the experience and the know-how of the organization and creating ownership for the strategy to be formed, a classical “Vision-to-Action” approach is appropriate.


Strategic Decision Making

A decision is an irrevocable allocation of resources

prof. emiritus dr. Jac Geurts

Strategic Decision Making is a very practical approach for addressing specific stratgeic issues. It is very strong on mobilizing and leveraging the know-how of people involved in the process. It ends with an underpinned advice (based the combined knowledge  of the people involved).

Two different approaches are available:

  • Strategic Decision Analysis
    Key words: decision tree, decision options, uncertainties, scenarios, outcomes, preferred risk approach
  • Preference Tree Analysis
    Key words: game theory, stakeholders and their preferences, stakeholder power position

Rethinking Added Value

Your added value =
The size of the pie when you are in the game
The size of the pie when you are out of the game

B.J. Nalebuff & A.M. Brandenburger

Traditional Innovation Management focuses on how to organize as a private company the internal processes, like roadmapping, programming, competence development, value proposition and technology development.

Last decades business have organized themselves in networks, increasing stakeholder interaction, including non-profit stakeholders.

Modern Innovation management implies to lead a collaborative network of internal and external actors to create and deliver new added value (additional pie) to its eco-system.

The more added value (as defined above) a player has, the more power it has to influence the network towards its ambitions