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shipThis is the Frisian clipper “Zorg en Vlijt” (Care and Diligence) of my great grandparents stuck in the Roterdam harbor due to severe icing in 1911. The man in the front is not my great grandfather, he is the bargeman’s mate. When accidently the photographer came by, he was just busy removing the ice around the ship in order to avoid the vessel becoming crushed by the ice. In the cockpit are at first sight only my great grandmother Aldegonda Wahl and her two children, the eldest is my grandmother Geertruida Brands and next to her is her younger brother. At second sight, you will see that also my great grandfather Johannes Brands is in the cockpit, but he is hiding a bit for the photograph. This is something I still recognize in the character of my father, but also in my character. Be there, do what you have to do and leave the rest to others.