How materialism makes us sad

Tanya Gold
The Guardian, Wednesday 7 May 2014

The more we spend, the less happy we are. Can this explain why affluent politicians insist on taking from the poor?

Money is a brutalising agent and a paranoiac drug.

Graham Music, a psychotherapist, has written a book called The Good Life: Wellbeing and the New Science of Altruism, Selfishness and Immorality. It confirms, through use of data collected by scientists over the last 40 years, what we have all long suspected from anecdote and our own eyes: the materialistic tend to be unhappy, those with material goods will remain unhappy, and the market feeds on unhappiness. It is an outreach programme for personal and political desolation; and it is, so far, an outstanding success. Peel away the images of the gaudy objects and find instead a condition. Reading Vanity Fair, I deduce, is now mere collusion with the broken.

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