Customer Co-creation!

Power of Crowd is in Co-Creation, Not Crowdsourcing

The term “Crowdsourcing” and the use of the crowd continues to evolve. Initially, most forms of crowdsourcing were based on cost savings measures. Essentially, firms could outsource manpower (e.g. Amazon Turk) or even its inventory (e.g. Stock Photo firms like ShutterStock or iPhotos) to the crowd.

Potential opportunitiy: Changes in the consultancy industry

Transforming the Business Models of Management Consulting by MARY ADAMS on 08/21/2013 Going forward, traditional consulting firms will be forced to compete against business models that threaten their historical margins, streamline their processes with technology and automate many of their traditional activities. So what will the new business model for management consulting look like when it arrives or has it arrived? You can help answer both of these questions. Let’s start by looking at the current business model so we can look at how digitization is changing that model. Continue Reading

The importance of cultural symbols in acquisitions

Big Acquisitions Can Fall Apart Over Tiny Details
by Freek Vermeulen and Ashraf Zaman

In September 2005, Alphahealth*, a large American healthcare company acquired the British company Pharmateam*.

Pharmateam was an ideal target. With just a few hundred employees, the company was relatively small and affordably priced, but it had a solid product portfolio, over a century of history, and healthy financials. Moreover, it was a private company so that at the right price, all the shares could be acquired quite easily and rapidly. Alphahealth expected it to be their entry point into the British market. Management proudly announced the deal as part of its strategy of foreign expansion.

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The Biggest Reason Most Sales Don’t Close

Every sales organization with more than a handful of reps or that is across multiple offices or time zones would benefit from having a sales methodology. There are many out there and many books have been written on the topic.


I’ve been writing a series on a simple methodology that we used at my first enterprise software company.


It was useful because I was new to sales and as the CEO it gave me some comfort to feel more informed about how our leads where going and to know the likelihood of our hitting our quarterly goals.

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Detailhandel moet pijlen op showroomers richten

Showrooming, het binnenlopen van een winkel en tegelijkertijd online/mobiel zoeken naar de beste prijs om vervolgens elders of online tot aankoop over te gaan, betreft nog slechts een beperkt percentage van het winkelend publiek. Daarentegen kan ontegenzeggelijk worden gesteld, dat een dergelijk koopgedrag bij een groeiend aantal consumenten aan populariteit wint. En omdat het merendeel van de showroomers jong, sociaal actief en invloedrijk is, is het van het grootste belang dat retailers hun strategie aanpassen aan deze snel toenemende groep consumenten. Lees verder