Strategy Formation

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there

(Lewis Caroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)


Innoguru offers different approaches to Strategy Formation, depending on the situation at the start, the level of uncertainty and the area of uncertainties.

If uncertainties are manageable and the focus is more on leveraging and combining the knowledge of the company and creating ownership for the strategy to be formed, a classical “Vision-to-Action” approach is appropriate.

It is able to cover all domains from

  • Mission (What is our core),
  • Vision (The ambition for the future),
  • External and Internal Analysis (What’s going on). From these set of analyses, a
  • Strategic Agenda is defined, which is translated into a
  • Strategy (How to get there). And as last step, the Strategy has to be operationalised by a
  • Plan and the next steps
  • Actions.

The approach can be customized to your specific situation, using what is already there and adding detailed analysis, where deeper analysis is needed.