Towards New Product Spiral Development

Posted on October 13, 2013 by Geovanny Romero

Most organizations focus on building short-term product innovation engines. However, most products have little sustainable competitive advantage and never generate a profit; those that do are often quickly copied by the competition, negating any long-term advantage. The result: a significant investment in product development, without a commensurate return on investment.

To have a real systematic innovation in products have to decide between Staged vs Spiral Development, in this article I propose to use the product development improving process bringing Innovation from NPD (New Product Development) to NPSD (New Product Spiral Development).

Comment Ruud Gal:
New Product Spiral Development is to be considered, if uncertainties and impact on cost and complexity from a supply chain and manufacturing perspective are limited. This can be achieved by organising the product, production and supply chain making late configuration possible.

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